For more than three decades our team of skilled craftsmen have been executing monumental projects across the US and the world.  We understand our client’s visions and work to make those visions come true.  Everything we do is driven by our core values: Integrity, Partnership, Quality and Sustainability.


We always strive for excellence and are unconstrained by the way things have always been done. We creatively approach every project and challenge to find original solutions. Our core values support this mission of innovation, integrity and fine craftsmanship.


Integrity is everything.  Our goal is for every employee at Traum from our Project Executives to our Hand Sanders is to have integrity in everything we do.  Being honest with our clients about our capabilities and capacity is the first and most important part of what we do.  We always want to set realistic expectations.  In an industry where it is easy to promise the world, we would rather make achievable promises and deliver on them.  Key to this is our ability to set expectations.  Setting expectations through the sales process, the shop drawing process, the sampling process and the mockup process is critical to the end result and it is something we pride ourselves on.


We would not be able to do the work we do without amazing partners. It is hard to express in words our gratitude for the visionary architects, designers, contractors and homeowners we have had the opportunity to work with. Our partners are what make each of our projects unique. They are what make our projects fun and exciting. We understand that without having trust in each other, partnerships are fragile. With our external partners as well as our internal partners trusting each other to execute the functions that are required is at the very core of everything we do.


We deliver the highest quality in everything we do.  Quality is not only defined by the monumental nature of the woodwork itself, but by so much more.  It is our ability to set expectations and exceed those expectations.  It is saying what we do and doing what we say.  From samples, to mockups, to engineering, to timing, to budget, to end product, and to expert installation we are continuously striving for excellence, every step of the way.


We believe industry plays a critical role in the preservation of our planet. With our primary manufacturing facilities being located in Colorado, natural beauty abounds. Our ability to head out into the wilderness is being endangered by wildfires and climate change. Deforestation is a leading cause of these issues. We want to do our small part. We refuse to use products from countries that do not have robust environmental protection standards in place. We refuse to use species that come from critically deforested areas of the world. We are working towards powering 100% of our plants’ electricity by solar power by 2025. While these are small steps, we believe small steps by many can make a larger impact than large steps by a few.